3. Cotton tea cloths

What number of rolls of paper towels do you undergo per week? Almost certainly, too many. Not solely are these dangerous for the atmosphere, however they price you a ton of cash a 12 months too. Grandma by no means had paper towels and did simply positive, so you’ll be able to too. As a substitute, go for cotton tea towels. They will not go away any lint behind, they dry rapidly, they usually wash simply too.

4. Pure air fresheners

Grandma did not have Febreze, a stockpile of scented candles or room sprays. How did she hold the home smelling nice? Grandma most likely used vanilla round the home as an alternative.
In case you go away a dab on a chilly mild bulb, it’ll unfold all through the room when the sunshine will get scorching. One other trick is to place a cotton ball soaked in vanilla in potted vegetation round the home. You possibly can substitute important oils right here too. For extra concepts, make sure you check out these top natural ways to freshen any room.

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